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Meet Dovile

Technology must serve humanity, not the other way around. 

Dovile Kurpyte

Entrepreneur, engineer,
motivational speaker

Dovile Kurpyte is an informatics and electronics engineer, nicknamed the Life Engineer due to her passion for optimizing not only code but also time and goals. VILNIUS TECH lecturer and quality director of Toastmasters International Program of public speaking and leadership in 5 European countries. Dovile has been planning and successfully achieving her goals for more than 15 years. Dovile says that if you analyze your day for more than 4 seconds, you are wasting your time (she will share how to do it in the seminar)! Dovile is contagious with her enthusiasm, endless energy, and passionate perseverance. Dovile's initiative allows her to bypass excuses and say YES to all wonderful opportunities!

Clients consulted by her already after 1.5 hours. seminar "breaks" old rules that prevent you from achieving your goals. Examples of client success: 2-year goals achieved in just 7 months. It's really possible when you know how!

Dovile was the first and only one in the Baltic States to receive the prestigious IEEE (the largest global organization of technical professionals for technology development (International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)) award, as it is distinguished by her achievements in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East (more than 58 countries). 

Dovile became the first Program Quality Director in the Baltic countries at the international organization Toastmasters International. Under her leadership, national and international (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) teams achieved the highest level of efficiency awards "President Distinguished" (only 3% of clubs achieved these awards). 

In addition to helping others achieve their goals, Life Engineer creates businesses that help society become more aware of technology. While teaching at the university, teaching students and teachers, she brings science and technology closer not only to informal education, but also to business and today's needs.

In his spare time, Dovile flies paraglider and teaches mountain techniques, travels to climb rocks and mountains.


FINALLY, everyone can START. 

Raminta Girdvaine

Meet Raminta

Change coach, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy (CBT) practitioner, helping to transform clients' lives

13 years of experience in communication, a coaching certificate (ICF), Points of You methodology, and four years of in-depth psychotherapy knowledge help reveal and refine clients' personal dreams and desires, discover their own path and vocation, see their strengths, and believe in themselves. So when you need to refine your idea and start working - this is the person in whose hands dreams come to life!

In order to encourage you to take the changes you dreamed of and FINALLY START implementing your ideas, she and her co-authors created a change initiative, the "Dare to Start" movement, which has inspired thousands of women with the help of large conferences and other events and projects over the course of 3 years. In addition to conceptual and organizational work, here she created content, took care of relations with the media, collaborated with lecturers and shared her experience during conferences.

Raminta herself decided to change her profession eight years ago, to start her own activities in the field of self-development instead of a paid job, so she deeply feels and understands those who are looking for their own path and has personal experience of how to get from being stuck at point A to the beloved, fulfilling point B. Today she feels happy in her activities, embodied all her childhood dreams in different formats: to be a teacher, psychologist, and editor/journalist. Today, she teaches, helps people get out of psychological stuckness, and creates content/writes texts.

For three years, Raminta taught public relations, entrepreneurship, and leadership at Vilnius University, Faculty of Communication, aiming not only to share her accumulated experience but also to inspire students to be more self-confident and become creators of their own lives. 

Raminta devotes an average of at least 80 days (700 hours) to competence development every year, she studied cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for three years (4800 hours) in post-graduate studies with the best Lithuanian and foreign experts. All this is in order to better understand human psychology and be able to create as much value as possible for our clients, give them the tools they need, and enable them to act in the direction of their dreams.

While conducting the XFM radio show "Leadership Club", she interviews bright, talented people, thereby building a bridge to the hearts of listeners who are looking for strength and inspiration. Due to her curiosity, community spirit, and desire to constantly improve, she has been a public speaking enthusiast for many years and belongs to the Toastmasters International and Inspirational Speakers Clubs.

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